Vendor Terms and Conditions


The Producer will:

  1. Provide for the exhibitor’s use a 10’ x 10’ space with one 8’ x 2’ table (banquet) positioned on the roadway which will be closed to vehicles during this time. The producers reserve the right to designate table assignments and to modify them if deemed necessary;
  2. Produce and distribute promotional material through social media, posters and provide media with public service announcements.

The Exhibitor/Vendor will:



  1. Pay the producer the appropriate sum as defined in the registration for their participation on the date listed above. No refund policy in effect after registering.
  2. Provide own power, chairs, display equipment & Wi-Fi. Power is not provided.
  3. Release the Latino Folkloric Society, its Board of Directors and staff , the City of Calgary and the merchants of Eau Claire from any liability for any damage, loss, theft, breakage or injury to property or persons;
  4. Complete all necessary forms and provide full payment upon registration to validate this agreement;
  5. Keep area clean and tidy with extra stock and personal items stored under tables, behind skirting and out of public view;
  6. Agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Alberta Health Services as they pertain to the handling of food. All participants selling, serving, sampling food or drink must include a Special Event Vendor Notification form by no later than Friday April 26, 2019.
  7. The City of Calgary requires all food vendors to read through the Festival and Event Food Vendor Operating Requirements on this link Festival and Event Food Vendor Operating Requirements. If you are cooking with oil, you need a K class fire extinguisher onsite, in addition to a commercial 2A 10BC extinguisher required for all cooking and warming.The festival is mandating a COMPOSTABLE FOODWARE ONLY policy. Vendors serving food or drinks must use compostable packaging and food ware, including cutlery, lids, straws and ramekins.
  8. Supply their own garbage containers and clear their own trash at the end of the day
  9. Accept the terms and conditions indicating compliance.
  10. The agreement will become effective upon receipt of the completed Registration form with full payment, dated at the time of registration.
  11. No refunds. The producer will not be liable for refunds or any liabilities whatsoever if the festival is disrupted due to any act of God, strikes, statutes or any case beyond the producer’s control. This is an outdoor event, rain or shine and the producer will not be held responsible for shelter, alternate indoor sights or alternate dates in the case of inclement weather.
  12. Your registration for this year’s Mexifest is an agreement to contact you via email about other and future events our event company produces. If you do not wish to be contacted about other and future events, please contact about unsubscribing to these emails.